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4 Money Tips to Thrive in 2020

1) Check-in on Your Money. Has anything changed in the last few months? If you see big changes in your spending, don’t ignore it. Don’t stress about it though! Now that you know, you can make a plan. If you aren’t already using a method to track your expenses, try Once you set-up your budget and link your accounts, watch as it automatically calculates if your spending is over or under for the month. If you aren’t sure what your budget should look like in the midst of a pandemic, consider scheduling a budget review. They are FREE!

2) Prioritize and Save Money Where You Can. With the great unknown ahead of us, this is the perfect time to assess your priorities and eliminate any unnecessary expenses. Then use those funds to build up your emergency fund, build wealth, or save up for your ticket on SpaceX. My go-to savings account is If you’ve been laid off or furloughed and don’t know when you will see your next paycheck, prioritizing is key to preventing a bump in the road from becoming a downward spiral and it buys you some time while you work towards replacing your income. 3) Take advantage of refunds, tax breaks, and other measures enacted this year. Depending on your situation, there may be several options available to you to ease your financial burden. Many banks, utility companies, student loan servicers, and credit card companies are offering some kind of relief benefit. Check with yours and see what their coronavirus (COVID-19) response looks like and what they are offering. You might be pleasantly surprised! If you find that you aren’t eligible for any of the benefits offered and are struggling, contact me for a FREE consultation or schedule a Full Financial Assessment. I will get you on the right track, for a fraction of what others will charge and if I can’t at least save you the cost of my service, I waive the charge and work with you for FREE. 4) Join TwentyFour Financial on Facebook and YouTube. Like the facebook page and subscribe to the YouTube channel. A lot of new content is planned and if you want to end 2020 well and start 2021 feeling empowered and more confident about your money, join us on social media and help build our community!

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