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I am passionate about helping others on their journey to financial freedom. If you are looking to live life on your terms...and not be limited by what your paycheck provides, you've come to the right place!

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My Story

I am your typical elder millennial. My parents divorced when I was young. They never really talked about money, and my early habits where shaped from watching my super-frugal mother in action. Add to that spending my 20's "just wanting to help people" i.e. "working in low-paying jobs" and I now consider myself a bit of a late-bloomer. 

Whether you came here just for fun or you are really struggling to get ahead, I want to help you on your journey to break away from the stress, heartache, and frustration that struggling with money can bring and move into a life that brings you hope, joy, and opens up a world of possibilities.

 Join me in pursuing a happy, healthy, well-balanced (and financially free) life. 

Reflections on my journey to financial freedom:

  • Childhood in the 90's and our family using food stamps (they actually came in a booklet back then!).

  • My teens and the day I bought my first cash...for $3,000.

  • The day I became "debt-free." 

  • The year I only earned $4,000 working in the human services field and living off of student loans (while in school full-time).

  • 1.5 years - the time it took to save up and buy my first home.

  • 5 years - the time it took for me to work up to my dream job where I was not only helping people (my life's goal) but was getting paid to do it!

  • 2020 - the year I got sick (it was NOT Covid-related) and had to consider a different future

  • 2021 - the year of many changes: I purchased my first investment property and quit my dream job.

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